CodeReclaimers, LLC

Specializing in high-performance numerical computing
(C, C++, Python, GPGPU)
and applied mathematics consulting.
For more details, please see my résumé.

Code Reclamation

Has your code grown out of control over the years? Nobody has any idea how that nest of algorithms works because the "rock star" who wrote it moved on to the next shiny thing? Or did you just put off refactoring and cleanup for too long? I can untangle the mess for you and give you a clean, documented implementation to replace it.


If an algorithm runs too slowly, I can figure out why and give you some options. Whether you need a quick patch, a rewrite, or a port to GPU (Vulkan, OpenCL, CUDA or DirectX/DirectCompute), I can do whatever the best choice for your situation happens to be.

From Scratch

If you need an implementation of a neat idea from an academic paper, but don't have the time or expertise to make it happen, I might be able to help. (I won't take on your homework assignments, though!)


CodeReclaimers is a veteran-owned business located in Colbert, GA USA.