Equation Driven Curves Overview

This Fusion360™ addin creates 3D curves from user-supplied mathematical expressions in the current sketch.

The user may specify parameterized curves in Cartesian, spherical, or cylindrical coordinates.

To open the add-in window, choose Equation Driven Curve, which can be found under the 'Sketch' -> 'Create' menu in the Design workspace. Note that a sketch must be active for this menu to be accessible.


Archimedes' spiral (in Cartesian coordinates)

Archimedes' spiral (in cylindrical coordinates)



Conical spiral

Spherical spiral

Equation support

As coordinates are functions of t, you can assume this variable exists regardless of coordinate system. For your convenience, the predefined constant pi is also available (you can see it used in several examples above). Be aware that equation interpretation is case-sensitive.

You can find a list of built-in functions here.


This application makes use of the following fantastic open source libraries: